Bringing festive joy into our care home

Bringing festive joy into our care home As November transitioned into December, the Birchwood House team continued to create a warm and festive home environment for residents. At a time of year when people and communities come together and connect over the holiday season, we have been especially focused on helping our residents feel engagedContinue reading “Bringing festive joy into our care home”

The key to a Happier, Healthier Life in Care Homes? It’s all in the Smile

The key to a Happier, Healthier Life in Care Homes? It’s all in the Smile Why does smiling actually matter, and what do teeth have to do with it?  Beyond the obvious ties to hygiene, oral wellbeing plays a vital role in holistic health and happiness. Birchwood couldn’t agree more – because smiling does matter.Continue reading “The key to a Happier, Healthier Life in Care Homes? It’s all in the Smile”

Pumpkin and Bacon Lasagne

Pumpkin and Bacon Lasagne Who doesn’t like lasagne? This month, Elia shares his spin on the world classic (and an Italian favourite) warm, golden lasagne! Layered with freshly sliced pumpkin and bechamel, and topped with chopped bacon and parmesan cheese, this dish has definitely made it onto the list of Birchwood favourites. Ingredients: Lasagne 750gContinue reading “Pumpkin and Bacon Lasagne”

Celebrating the healing powers of animals

Celebrating the healing powers of animals Enchanted forest event You might already know that here at Birchwood House we host a number of exciting events and activities for our residents to enjoy. Our most recent event, themed around the enchanted forest, was really successful. The residents enjoyed the beautiful autumnal scenery and wildlife.  To addContinue reading “Celebrating the healing powers of animals”

Fish and chips

FISH AND CHIPS FROM SCRATCH The perfect summer-time treat! This month, Elia shows us how he makes mouth-watering fish and chips, homemade mayonnaise and pea mousse, completely from scratch, with the freshest ingredients on offer. Residents really enjoy this dish on a summer’s evening. Mayonnaise Ingredients 2 egg yolks Lemon juice of 1 lemon VegetableContinue reading “Fish and chips”

Respite care for the elderly and how it supports the carer

Respite care is a short-term stay, often around one to two weeks, in a care home, such as Birchwood House, and is usually arranged to give a carer a holiday from their care-related duties.  These breaks can be planned or, in cases of emergency, unplanned or at short notice. This is particularly common when friends or family members are acting as a carer and allows them time to look after their own health and well-being.

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