“My mother has now been at Birchwood House for over a year. Being a smaller home, it is really personable, and Mum gets on with all the fantastic staff who will do absolutely anything for her. Thank you, Birchwood, for all the care you give Mum.”

A H (Son of resident), September 2022

“My father seems content, and the home is very helpful in arranging video calls for us to catch up with him from overseas. The staff are always friendly and attentive and do their best to provide a social and caring environment.”

E P (Daughter of resident), September 2022

“We couldn’t have found a nicer place for Mum to have spent the last few weeks in. She has settled in very well to the big changes in her lifestyle and has been superbly supported by the deputy manager and all the staff. Having lived independently for a good few years I am happy to see her joining in with the social side of the residence and hope she will continue to be very happy there.”

C B (Son of resident), September 2022

“I feel the care home is giving my mother the best care I could have wished for. She is well looked after and the staff are brilliant and very patient! She is well fed and catered for with a variety of meals each day. The nursing home is very accommodating with my visit requests and observes all health and safety needs in this current climate. If I could, I would like to express my and my family’s thanks for keeping us fully informed in all matters. We all feel reassured that Mum is now in safe hands.”

A W (Daughter of resident), August 2022

“I cannot recommend this home highly enough. The staff are fabulous. So kind, thoughtful and attentive. It is so clean and the gardens are just beautiful. My mum is very happy there and they treat her so very well. Excellent and so friendly. They strive very hard to please both the resident and their families.”

L S (Daughter of resident), August 2022

“My experience at Birchwood House has been nothing but positive. The staff seem attentive, kind, hard-working, caring and thorough. My mum always said she didn’t want to live in a care home, but having gone to Birchwood for 2-weeks’ respite, she decided that she wanted to stay for good. They treat her with respect and embrace her humour and spirited ways, allowing her to be herself. She has made friends and loves the social aspect of Birchwood, making sure that she’s out of her room and in the communal area for most of the day. Birchwood office is always easy to get hold of and keeps us as a family informed of all Mum’s medical updates. It’s fabulous, as a family, to have Mum in a place where they are attentive to her medical needs and coordinate all appointments for her, whether it’s the doctor, hospital or physio. Thank you, Birchwood, for taking such good care of our very loved Mum.”

S S (Daughter of resident), June 2022

“I was welcomed for two weeks (extended by one week) respite care direct from the hospital and given a really pleasant room with plenty of light. Great care was taken to ensure I was supported against falls. Birchwood has a special home-like feel – a sense of community one can just sink into. There was no pressure to join in with activities. The house and gardens at Birchwood are an ideal setting for that and recovery. The key is warranted and the kindness of the staff.”

J A (Respite Care), May 2022

“Recently I was able to make a visit to Birchwood House to see my sister in her newly decorated room, the whole building was warm and welcoming. I have always found the management and staff supportive at all times and I also appreciate the hard work and excellent care that she has received during the Covid-19 period. Many thanks to all at Birchwood House.”

K S (Brother of resident), April 2022

“I came to Birchwood House on 29/01/2021. I did not want to come into a care home, I resisted as long as possible but at the age of 96 even with friends and family helping, I had to give in.

I am glad I did now, it is very pleasant here and the staff are very kind and helpful. There are some very nice gardens to sit in weather permitting, we have parties for different occasions which staff and management go to a lot of trouble to arrange and the cook who does some very nice things to eat.

The decor in the home is very tasteful and pleasant and clean.”

N B (Resident), April 2022

“The staff at Birchwood are caring, friendly and dedicated to their job. My mum can be challenging at times but the carers show patience and understanding at all times. The interior of the building and gardens have improved a lot over the last year. It’s just a shame that the lift is so small, so making it difficult for staff and patients to use comfortably. Thank you to all the staff for your kindness and hard work.”

Sarah B (Daughter of Resident), April 2022

“Birchwood has been very good for my mother, who has lived there for nine months now. She was weakened, lost and bereaved and yet has settled so well, helped by the kindness of the Birchwood team. They got her room and belongings sorted to her satisfaction very quickly, and the carers allow her to be herself and follow her own interests. She seems relaxed and enjoys the food. Nothing is too much trouble and I feel very welcome when I visit. The building and grounds are beautifully kept. I am so very grateful to the staff for making my mother comfortable and for being so responsive to our needs.”

I G (Daughter of Resident), April 2022

“Mum came to Birchwood House in the middle of 2018 after recovering in hospital having broken her hip. Birchwood gave her a new lease of life. She integrated with both the existing residents and staff quickly and clearly began to enjoy her time in her new home. The quality of care she has received has been exemplary. We truly believe that she has been treated like an extended family member rather than just another resident. Throughout her time at Birchwood House that kindness and care have continued. She is now 91 and is not in such good health but we would not wish her to be anywhere else.”

Alan H (Son of Resident), April 2022

My mother entered Birchwood in January 2021 at the age of 95. She has been very well looked after by a caring and understanding staff. Of course there have been COVID problems for the whole time, but the staff have all coped extremely well with the pressures. My mother is very happy at Birchwood and I am happy that she is being well cared for.

Paul B (Son of Resident), April 2022

I am a friend of a resident of Birchwood House, who passed away in the Summer of 2021. Before moving into Birchwood House, my friend had lived alone for many years and become lonely and isolated. However, from day one at Birchwood House, she became much happier and healthier, due to the excellent food and care that she received. She had the time of her life. Many thanks to everyone at Birchwood House.”

Lynda C (Friend of Resident), April 2022

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