Meet Activities Co-ordinator Zoe

Keeping the residents at Birchwood House mentally and physically active is the job of Activities Co-ordinator Zoe.

Zoe has been at Birchwood for four years as night care staff but recently changed roles to take up the activity post, working alongside co-ordinator Amanda.

And Zoe is bubbling with ideas to keep the residents entertained and interacting with each other.

“We have made some pottery creations and will be painting the items this week, and we are planning an Ascot Ladies’ Day event later this month where we can make hats and watch the racing,” said Zoe.

On the physical side the residents enjoy balloon tennis played and chair exercises. There are also plans for flower arranging, basket weaving and candle making.

Staff and residents have really missed trips out of the home as these have not been allowed due to Covid-19, but when things open up there are plans to visit the seaside, have a pub lunch and go and watch the cricket on the village green.

“I have been chatting to the residents to find out where they would like to go when trips are allowed, and some of the ladies want to go clothes shopping or just to go out into the countryside,” added Zoe.

“We are also planning a spa day when the residents will get manicures, and they always enjoy games like hangman and bingo,” added Zoe.

For residents not able to join in the communal activities Zoe and Amanda do one-to-one sessions with them in their rooms, making things such as sun-catchers or just chatting.

“Many of the residents like to chat about when they were young and about their families, or about holiday memories, and I enjoy listening to them,” added Zoe.

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