Dignity and peace in death

Dignity in death

Dignity and peace in death 

As our loved one’s age, they can experience a myriad of life-limiting conditions whereby additional support may be needed and a more focused approach to living well is required. At this point where end-of-life care is introduced, you may feel like the only option is for your loved one to live out their final days in a hospital or hospice.  

But this isn’t necessarily the case.  

While hospitals and hospices are absolutely the right environment for some and are perfectly comfortable and safe places to say goodbye, you might find that there are other options that you haven’t yet considered in the form of something more like a home away from home, such as a care home like Birchwood House.  

Palliative care capabilities 

Many assume that care homes like ours might not have the means to support someone who is terminally ill or otherwise dying. But this is far from the reality. At Birchwood House, we pride ourselves on our warm and expert palliative care, including advanced care planning. We always ensure dignity in death and pride ourselves in the role we play in ensuring every individual’s final journey in life is one filled with peace, love and respect. 

Our kind and qualified care home team is supported by Hospice in the Weald, an organisation which provides care for adults and children living with a terminal or life-limiting illness, as well as their loved ones, in Kent and East Sussex. Together, we embrace those difficult conversations to ensure that your last wishes and preferences are respected and fulfilled at every stage of your illness and aftercare supporting the grieving process. 

Support and community 

Birchwood House is more than just a building; it’s a home and a community. We firmly believe that one of the key benefits of choosing end-of-life care in an environment like ours is the love, support and community that you and your loved ones will experience within our tranquil setting. We actively encourage you to contribute to planning your future and support you to be empowered throughout this emotional phase of life.   

Our final days need not be filled with only pain or sorrow. Every day counts and we understand the importance of ensuring every special moment is cherished and loving memories are created right up until the very end.  

When we or our loved one’s pass, it’s common to feel a whole host of complicated and sometimes even conflicting emotions; fear, hurt, anger, sadness, gratitude for the memories and moments that have been shared, relief and sorrow, just to name a few. There are no wrong feelings and any and all feelings are a completely normal part of the process. The community available at Birchwood House can help you and your loved ones work through these emotions ensure you never feel alone in your experiences.  

We’re also able to signpost useful resources and steps you can take both before and after the death. We understand how overwhelming the whole thing can be, and we work to support you and your loved ones every step of the way. Hospice in the weald also work with us to offer counselling for residents and family both through end-of-life care and after care. 

The support we offer is multifactorial and encompasses physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual care so that your sense of self is honoured using a collaborative holistic approach.  We have experienced lives well lived at Birchwood House and have been an essential support towards a peaceful and dignified death in a place of their choosing. This rewarding area of care provision drives us to ensure that every person who resides at Birchwood House is given the opportunity to voice how they desire to live life well and to die with dignity. Their wishes are paramount to us and we facilitate that sense and feeling of remaining in control throughout so that they truly have the death of their choosing and a legacy to be proud of. 

A familiar and comfortable space 

Arguably the biggest draw of choosing end of life care Birchwood House is our home from home setting, its tranquillity, comfort, familiarity and sense of belonging in our loving embrace.  

We strive to be a true home to each and every one of our residents, helping them to feel comfortable, safe and cared for on an individual basis. Residents can be surrounded by their personal belongings, photographs and precious people and possessions as they pass.  

The decision of where and how to spend one’s final days is deeply personal. While hospitals and hospices offer essential care and support, Birchwood House, partnered with Hospice in the Weald and local GPs, presents an alternative that emphasises dignity, peace, and a sense of home away from home. 

In embracing the inevitability of death with open hearts and compassionate care, Birchwood House ensures that every individual who passes through its doors is granted the opportunity for a dignified and meaningful end-of-life experience, leaving behind a legacy of love and cherished memories. 

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