5 gift ideas for your loved ones in a care home 

5 gift ideas for your loved ones in a care home 

Finding the perfect Christmas gift can be hard and so today we wanted to share some ideas for what you might like to gift your elderly loved ones this year.  

Art supplies or craft kits

Many care homes, including us here at Birchwood House, supply lots of arts and craft activities for residents to enjoy. If you know that your loved one enjoys getting creative, then an art and craft kit or artistic supplies could be a lovely gift this Christmas. That way, your loved one can truly embrace their hobby and feel supported by you. Did you know that arts and crafts actually have lots of benefits to older people? You can learn more by reading our blog.  

Something to keep warm

Who doesn’t love receiving something cosy for Christmas? Whether it be a blanket, socks, jumper or dressing gown, something to keep warm and toasty always makes a thoughtful Christmas gift. It’s incredibly important for the elderly to keep warm and take care of themselves during the wintertime and so your gift could play a part in keeping them happy and well. A warm soft item of clothing from a loved one could even act like a hug from someone who cares whenever they need it. Perhaps you could even make something yourself if you fancy your hand at knitting or crochet.  

A plant for their room 

The experience of taking care of something living can be incredibly rewarding. Your elderly loved one will have taken care of lots of things during their lifetime and giving them something new to nurture and care for can be a lovely gift. There are ample plants out there that require minimal care and can be a beautiful addition to any room. A small succulent garden or other easy to care for plant could be a good option.  

Pictures of loved ones 

An inexpensive and incredibly thoughtful gift, pictures of loved ones and fond memories can be invaluable to your elderly friend or relative. You could even consider a digital frame that cycles between lots of lovely pictures. Reminiscing is a lovely way for your elderly loved one to celebrate their life so far and all of the people in it. It can also be a lovely way to show how much you value the memories and time you’ve shared with them.  

Homemade crafts 

Anything homemade comes from the heart and that makes it a wonderful Christmas present. Making homemade trinkets and decorations can also be a lovely way to get children involved in gift-giving and can help prompt even more fond memories.

Remember that the best Christmas give you can offer is your time. Loneliness is common among elderly people and though your loved one should be well taken care of with plenty of company in a residential home, they likely still love to see you and miss their family members if they don’t see them in a while. There are lots of gentle family activities you can do when visiting a care home from playing board games or reading a book aloud to one another, to sharing stories over a cup of tea.  

Whatever gifts you give and receive this Christmas we hope you have a festive season filled with love and happiness.  

Merry Christmas from the whole team at Birchwood House!  

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