How arts and crafts hugely benefit the elderly

Birchwood House Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day at Birchwood House

It’s been a fantastic month here at Birchwood House. We’ve recently celebrated Valentine’s Day and have enjoyed smiles all around. 

How arts and crafts hugely benefit the elderly

Residents spent an afternoon making some beautiful Valentine’s Day cards. Crafts are a favourite among our residents and are a wonderful way to allow people to express themselves and keep minds stimulated. 

You may be surprised by some of the amazing benefits arts and crafts can offer all of us, including the elderly. Creating something new and having an opportunity for self-expression can be a huge confidence boost. We all love to see the result of our own work and dedication, and crafts can be a wonderful way to promote a sense of creative accomplishment. 

As well as being a means of providing people with a sense of creative freedom and identity, arts and crafts can be a useful tool for opening up conversation about their lives and how they are feeling. People can interact with each other and talk about what it is they’re making. 

Physical benefits as well as mental

But the benefits aren’t just mental, they’re physical too. Using our hands to create art and crafts means a natural boost to our blood flow. It’s also a wonderful opportunity for residents to work on the overall dexterity in their arms, fingers, and hands. 

Crafts for the elderly

It’s common for older people to shy away from creative activities like arts and crafts. Many people might feel they’re not ‘artistic’, but it’s important to give everyone an opportunity to participate and engage, encouraging them to remember the joy of creating, no matter the outcome.

As well as Valentine’s Day crafts this month, our residents have received a card and some heart-shaped chocolates. Not to mention a delicious Valentine’s Day-themed menu from our chef, Elia.

It’s a good time to tell an elderly person in your life how much you love them.

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Read more about arts and crafts at Birchwood House and how creative participation is vital to our wellbeing from Age UK.

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