Life as a Birchwood House Carer

Life as a Birchwood House Carer

Are you interested about what life is like as a Birchwood House carer? Read on to learn more about what you can expect.

As the UK population continues to age, care workers and care homes will continue to be in huge demand and we face significant challenges ensuring we are able to support a changing and ageing population to live healthy and fulfilling lives. Working at a care home involves a wide range of client care responsibilities – including washing, dressing and helping to providing emotional support or company, as well as helping elderly clients take part in leisure activities.

We think these three are among the most essential parts of a job as a Birchwood House carer!

  1. Variety

While you will see the same clients regularly, this doesn’t mean that any two days are ever the same. It’s unlike many other jobs and the variety it offers makes it highly appealing to anyone not wanting a standard nine to five. There is rarely a dull moment! You’ll meet lots of new people and do many different tasks as part of your day-to-day role.

  1. Relationships

The personal connections you make with clients – as well as their friends and family – are what makes care work so unique. These relationships are built on a foundation of trust and you will become a true confidant to many clients. Elderly people also love to share their stories of the past so be prepared to hear some truly wonderful anecdotes!

  1. Job satisfaction

Fulfilment is at the heart of a career in care. Every day of your job, you’re helping someone to make their lives just that little bit easier. Knowing that you make a difference to their day provides a real sense of achievement and will make you feel highly valued. Not forgetting the support and camaraderie of your colleagues at Birchwood House – we pride ourselves on being a close ‘family’!

Birchwood House’s carers are known to give that little bit extra, day in, day out and we work hard to find staff who are genuinely caring and interested in our residents. We look after them the same way we would like to be looked after ourselves, when the time comes. We also carry out thorough recruitment processes including checking police records and references and provide a comprehensive induction programme, to ensure that staff have all the necessary training in place to get started as well as offering them the opportunity to continue professional development with further qualifications.

Are you interested in a career in care? Click here to visit our Carer Careers page.

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