Celebrating Good Care Month at Birchwood House

Good Care Month: staff enjoy the Mexican Fiesta event

Celebrating Good Care Month at Birchwood House

“Good Care Month” encourages the care community to take a moment to appreciate the heroes behind community care and wellbeing. It was founded by the Hertfordshire Care Providers Association and is a great reminder of the compassionate people whose work sits at the heart of Birchwood House. The team are committed to delivering exceptional service always. They recognise the importance of spending quality time with the residents and ensuring that care is personalised.  

Taking Care of Our Carers 

When your job is to look after others, it’s extra important to make sure that you care for yourself too. That’s why Birchwood House is encouraging its hard-working team to put self-care at the top of their list this month. By putting the spotlight on practices that improve personal wellbeing and mental health this month, Birchwood House aims to help its team create the foundation for more long-term habits. Fostering a culture of self-compassion and proactive wellness will help the team to be their best self for not just the residents at Birchwood House, but for themselves too. 

Fun For All 

Birchwood House is a big supporter of facilitating fun for all – from its residents to its caregivers to the team behind the scenes. To stay true to this commitment throughout the year, the team organises immersive events for all. These spectacular events always prove popular with both residents and the team and are hosted in a variety of environments to keep things fresh, form the splendid grounds to the manor house’s spacious communal areas. 

The line up is always full of unusual, colourful and engaging events. Some recent events include a 1940s Tea Dance, Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, Harvest Hoedown, and Mexican Fiesta. Coming up next in August is a glittering Great Gatsby themed summer event, where the team will get to enjoy some 1920s flapper-style fun. By hosting these events, Birchwood House aims to share its appreciation for its carers too, bringing a fun and fresh energy to their workplace.  

A Culture of Professional Development 

Birchwood House is passionate about care and support, and the team that makes all of this possible for its wonderful residents. Because of this, the team strives to foster a future focused mindset. The management team continually looks for ways to keep the team at their best by facilitating opportunities for learning and development. 

Celebrating Good Care 

It’s always important to recognise the commitment and dedication of those who work tirelessly to improve community care and wellbeing. These services and the team members who provide them are central to not just Birchwood House, but the wider sector. Their enduring passion for the vocation and residential care is to be commended not just in July, but every month.  

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