Raising Awareness of Race Against Dementia Day 2023

Raising Awareness of Race Against Dementia Day 2023 

Race Against Dementia is a global charity that was founded in 2016 by Sir Jackie Stewart OBE. This year Race Against Dementia Day falls on January 21st. The organisation aims to raise awareness and funds for research and development in the search for a cure or treatment for dementia. Sir Jackie Stewart and his team are working to find ways to accelerate research and achieve their goals. The charity was motivated by Sir Jackie’s wife’s diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia. In collaboration with industry leaders in Formula 1, Race Against Dementia is using the innovation, skill, and passion of Grand Prix racing to drive progress in dementia research. 

Race Against Dementia Day is an annual event that is dedicated to raising funds for the Race Against Dementia charity. The goal of the day is to raise £127,000, which represents £1 for each of the approximately 127,000 babies born in the UK every day. One in three people born today is expected to die of dementia, making it an important cause for fundraising. The funds raised during Race Against Dementia Day will be used to support the Race Against Dementia Fellows’ Leadership Programme. This programme aims to develop the skills of the fellows and help them achieve an F1 level of collaboration, teamwork, and innovation. Everyone is encouraged to get involved and make a difference by participating in the race.  

How you can help

There are several ways you can get involved in Race Against Dementia Day: 

  • Participate in an activity of your choice that involves the number 3. Such as a 3k run, walk, or scoot; 3 hours of reading; 3 board games with your family; or a 3-person challenge, like a car racing game. 
  • Make a donation of at least £3. 
  • Share your activity online and nominate 3 other people to join you in the race against dementia. Use the hashtag #RADDay. 

To download resources to help you plan and fundraise for Race Against Dementia Day, visit RAD’s website here: https://www.raceagainstdementia.com 

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