Common questions about our respite care packages

What is emergency respite care?

Emergency respite care is temporary care in our residential home, Birchwood House.

Who uses respite care?

Emergency respite care is aimed at anyone requiring short-term care.  This may be because someone is recovering from illness or a fall or their carer needs a break and/or won’t be available to care full time.

Can you come for the day first to try it out?

Sadly this isn’t possible due to health and safety.  However, we would be pleased to assist in a virtual tour.

How long do you have to book in advance?

Emergency respite care can be available at short notice, as quick as a few days in some cases, hence the term emergency.   It is most commonly arranged a few weeks in advance.

Can we keep in contact with you every day?

Of course, you can keep in contact as often as you like using the phone or video calling.

How long does a respite stay need to be for?

Emergency respite care is available for a minimum of 14 days.  This is because of all the planning required to onboard new residents and to adhere to health and safety requirements.

Can you personalise your room?

Yes.  We recommend you bring personal items and furnishings to make the room feel like home.

Can friends and family visit?

Yes, of course, but we do request that you follow our new visiting guidelines introduced since the pandemic.

How much does it cost?

Emergency respite care is £200 a day.

What do the costs cover?

The cost covers around-the-clock 24-hour care by our professional qualified carers, a private room with an en-suite toilet and basin, all-inclusive meals and refreshments including alcohol, laundry service, and activities.

What care do you provide?

Birchwood House provides assistance with personal care including washing, dressing, taking medication, and going to the toilet.

Is there good wheelchair access?

Yes, many of our residents use wheelchairs and all of our home is wheelchair friendly.

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