Elia’s kitchen

Our in-house chef, Elia, shares his top recipes

At Birchwood House we’re lucky enough to have our own in-house chef, Elia Cicatiello. Elia comes from Naples, Italy, and, has worked as a professional chef since he was 18, first in his native country and then in the UK. Whilst he’s certainly a master at producing Italian classics, he’s also excellent at creating a wide variety of nutritious dishes and cuisines to suit all tastebuds.

“The best thing about working at Birchwood House? The empty plates at the end of each meal time.”

Elia, Birchwood House Chef

He shares his top recipes, all cooked from scratch in our kitchen here at Birchwood House. We understand the importance of healthy and well-balanced meals for all of our residents, which is why all dishes are made with fresh ingredients sourced from a local supplier and supplemented by vegetables from our own plot in our nine-acre grounds. We hope you enjoy recreating these in your own kitchens!

Elia’s most recent recipes

  • Easy-bake meatloaf
    ELIA’S EASY-BAKE MEATLOAF Who doesn’t like a freshly-baked meatloaf? It’s safe to say it’s a favourite amongst our residents at Birchwood House. Served with fresh carrots, squash and mashed potato, seasoned with fresh herbs and drizzled with gravy, continue reading to find out how Elia preps this mouth-watering but simple dish. Serves: 4  Ingredients 50gContinue reading “Easy-bake meatloaf”
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